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I am delighted to inform you that you can now enjoy a generous 100% deposit bonus of up to £200 when you make your initial deposit. What's more, your bonus will be ready for activation as soon as you complete your first deposit. To activate this fantastic bonus, simply navigate to the "My Bonuses" section within your personal profile.

New customers exclusively. Receive a 100% bonus on your initial deposit, with a maximum value of £200. The minimum deposit required is £10. The spins must be activated within a week and will expire 24 hours after activation. To take advantage of the Welcome Bonus, you must activate it within thirty (30) days of signing up, which can be done in the 'My Bonuses' section. The bonus amount of £200 will be paid out in increments of 10% and added to your Main Account balance. Before any withdrawals can be made, a wagering requirement of 35 times the bonus amount must be met. Please remember to gamble responsibly and read the full terms and conditions. You must be 18 years or older to participate. For more information, visit

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Videoslots Review

As a global company, Videoslots puts their customers above everything else, constantly seeking input and feedback from their loyal clientele to shape their business decisions. This award-winning online casino site offers an array of distinctive and specialized services, such as exclusive offers, jackpots, and giveaways. Videoslots acknowledges the importance of their customers and their preferences, making them the driving force behind their operations.

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  • Weekend Booster

As an online casino, Videoslots offers its gambling services in various territories worldwide, attracting a wide-ranging audience and fostering a vibrant player community. Videoslots holds licenses from the Gambling Commission and operates in multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Sweden, and Denmark.

The Origins behind Videoslots Casino

Gambling has a rich history that spans across different cultures throughout the world. The exact origins of the gambling house remain a mystery, but it is evident that each culture has developed its own version of this institution. The Italian Ridotto of 1683 is thought to be the first gambling house in Europe, attracting visitors during the famous Venetian carnival season for ceremonial gambling. It is fascinating to see how gambling has been a part of human civilization for centuries, evolving and adapting to the unique customs and traditions of each society.

Founded in 2011 by CEO Alexander Stevendahl, Videoslots continues the longstanding and prosperous tradition of the casino industry by revolutionizing it for the digital age. With its origins in Pietá, Malta, the company initially obtained a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, but has since expanded its reach by securing licenses from various jurisdictions worldwide. The online casino has experienced remarkable growth and garnered significant media coverage, thanks to its progressive approach to business, extensive collection of games, and unwavering commitment to ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The fusion of tradition and innovation embodied by Videoslots has propelled it to the forefront of the internet gambling realm.

The Best Features of VideoSlots Casino

With an online casino platform that is nothing short of state-of-the-art, Videoslots offers a remarkable collection of over 4000 gaming slots and 3000 unique games. The diversity in content guarantees that every player, irrespective of their preferences, will find something to enjoy during their visit to the site. Being a leading force in the world of online gaming, Videoslots prioritizes the customer experience and employs cutting-edge technologies to ensure seamless gameplay. Each game is optimized to run as smoothly as possible, benefiting from the latest innovations that the internet has to offer. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned gambler seeking a fresh online experience, Videoslots has an array of features that will provide a satisfying journey for anyone, regardless of their background or location.

At Videoslots, we prioritize the needs of our valued customers by offering a wide range of gaming options that cater to both traditionalists and those seeking a fresh take on familiar games. Our extensive selection includes a variety of captivating experiences such as Blackjack, Roulette, Video Slots, and Slot Machines, among many others. We pride ourselves on delivering a tailor-made gaming experience that caters to a diverse and international audience, ensuring that each customer feels valued and engaged. Through our innovative online platform, we provide easy access to a world of thrilling gameplay modes, allowing players from different locations to connect and engage with like-minded gambling enthusiasts. With Videoslots, the boundaries of geographical limitations are transcended, enabling you to connect with fellow gamers across the nation, no matter where you may be.

Online poker has a rich and connected history that dates back to the early days of the internet. Over the years, there have been a few innovations that have truly revolutionized the game. However, none have had the same impact as the constantly-evolving technology of online streaming. It is within this context that Videoslots, a prominent online casino, has acquired the groundbreaking PKR technology. With its newly acquired PKR technology, Videoslots is set to redefine the online poker experience. This innovative technology represents the next logical step in transforming the way players engage with online poker. It opens up a whole new world of possibilities, one that has remained largely unexplored until now. At the helm of Videoslots is CEO Alexander Stevendahl, who not only leads the online casino but is also an avid gambling enthusiast himself. This unique combination gives Videoslots an edge in keeping player satisfaction and values at the forefront of every business decision and acquisition they make. With PKR technology in their arsenal, Videoslots is driven to innovate and enhance the online gambling experience. Their goal is to attract a wider range of players who may have previously been overlooked in the online casino scene. By incorporating 3D modeling and merging the distinctive features of online poker with the immersive atmosphere of a physical casino, Videoslots aims to create a truly unparalleled gaming experience. The future of online poker is on the horizon, and Videoslots is poised to lead the way with their groundbreaking PKR technology. With their passion for gambling and commitment to player satisfaction, they are determined to redefine the online poker landscape and bring it to new heights.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to Videoslots, as they place great emphasis on prioritizing their customers. Everything they do revolves around ensuring that customers are at the center. To ensure a seamless experience, Videoslots provides round-the-clock customer support, dedicated to swiftly and effectively resolving any concerns or problems that may arise. Their support team consists of highly skilled professionals who possess extensive expertise and experience in accurately addressing customer grievances. Additionally, Videoslots operates on a secure network of servers, which guarantees the utmost safety and protection of customer information and transactions through advanced cybersecurity measures.

Online gaming has revolutionized the casino experience, providing accessibility and convenience to players worldwide. Videoslots, a firm believer in easy and inclusive gaming, has dedicated itself to creating a user-friendly platform that welcomes players from all walks of life. By hosting their casino online, Videoslots ensures that anyone, regardless of their background or location, can easily sign up and enjoy the thrilling world of online gambling. This commitment to accessibility guarantees that the platform remains accessible, fast, and free for all players, transcending the limitations faced by traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. With online gaming, Videoslots opens the door to a whole new level of excitement that cannot be matched by in-person casinos.

Between 2015 and 2019, Videoslots has received 14 prestigious awards from various agencies, recognizing the exceptional gambling experience it offers. These accolades serve as clear evidence of the online casino's commitment to providing satisfactory gaming experiences for diverse populations worldwide. The platform's remarkable catalogue of honors is a testament to the high-quality services it consistently delivers to its cherished and loyal customers. Videoslots has been granted a range of commendations, highlighting its superior performance in the industry.

  1. Casinomeister: The Ultimate Casino of the Decade (2010-2019)
  2. Leader of the Year for Casino Operator in 2019, bestowed with utmost courtesy by the prestigious SBC Awards.
  3. The Customer Service Idol of the Year (2019) was graciously awarded to iGaming Idol.
  4. GAFFG Awards presented the Trusted Affiliate Award in 2017.
  5. 2018 Gaming Intelligence Awards recognized the Best Slots Operator with the prestigious award.

In addition to securing accolades, Videoslots has a long-standing tradition of organizing its own award ceremonies. Since 2017, the Videoslots Awards have become a prominent fixture in the casino industry, shining a light on the noteworthy gaming accomplishments and groundbreaking innovations showcased on the platform in the previous year. This demonstrates Videoslots' unwavering commitment to unifying online gambling enthusiasts and fostering a strong sense of camaraderie that greatly enhances the overall gaming experience.

The reputable audience of large-scale casino forum Casinomeister decides the Game of The Year award through a vote. The Videoslots Awards judging is conducted by a panel of expert judges, carefully curated by members of the Videoslots senior executive circle. This knowledgeable support enables Videoslots to showcase and honor the finest content available on their site.

Initiating the journey on Videoslots Casino

Getting started on the Videoslots website is now more convenient than ever before. They have eliminated the need for downloading any specialized software or complicated installation packages. At Videoslots, they prioritize simplicity and user-friendliness, ensuring that you can start playing games swiftly and effortlessly. This demonstrates their commitment to enabling players to dive right into their desired games with just a few straightforward administrative procedures. Their ultimate goal is to provide you with the most enjoyable and optimal gaming experience.

Getting started is a breeze as sign-up options are available across various platforms like desktop, smartphone, or tablet, providing convenience regardless of your location or device. The process is simple: just create an account using your personal information, deposit your initial funds, and dive into the wide array of games offered on the platform. Rest assured, all customer data is handled with utmost confidentiality, ensuring players are treated with the utmost respect when entrusting their information to Videoslots.

Videoslots, a renowned company in the online casino industry, has an exceptional track record of delivering an unparalleled gaming experience. Their user-friendly registration process requires only a few simple steps, and their robust online platform ensures seamless gameplay for every player. This award-winning company is deeply committed to fostering a thriving online community and continuously enhancing their diverse range of gaming options, ensuring that each moment spent on their platform is filled with excitement. Videoslots consistently embraces cutting-edge technologies, approaching each innovation from the perspective of an avid gambler, in order to cater to the ever-evolving needs of their dynamic and diverse customer base. Their extensive experience in the online casino sphere enables them to value and prioritize customer loyalty and satisfaction above all else. Operating in multiple international markets, Videoslots adopts a global mindset in their operational and business practices, enabling them to embrace a spirit of experimentation and innovation that fuels their remarkable growth and transforms the industry.

VideoSlots Casino FAQs

What is the duration required to verify an account at VideoSlots?

Visitors to Videoslots will be pleased to learn that they have the flexibility to undergo verification at their convenience by accessing the Documents Portal. In this portal, players will find a comprehensive list of the necessary documentation, which encompasses proof of identification, proof of address, and proof of payment method. Moreover, they have the opportunity to promptly upload these documents should they choose to do so. It is worth noting that the verification process is remarkably efficient, with the majority of documents typically confirmed within a few hours, contingent upon the time of submission.

Withdrawal payments will be processed according to your chosen withdrawal method after a 24-hour pending period. E-wallets are the fastest option for withdrawing funds, typically delivering money within an hour, a considerably speedier alternative compared to other online casinos. Various types of withdrawals may take anywhere from 3 to 5 days to finalize, yet still relatively quicker than the majority of alternatives available.

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Your first deposit can earn you a fantastic 100% deposit bonus of up to £200. The moment you make your initial deposit, your bonus becomes instantly accessible for activation. Simply visit the "My Profile" section and click on "My Bonuses" to initiate the activation process. This incredible offer has garnered an impressive 4-star rating based on 651 reviews, with no negative reviews to speak of.

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